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What makes a law firm uniquely qualified to handle your business? At Steven M. Garber & Associates, upfront honesty with our clients is paramount. Whether you’re a business start-up or a 100-year old firm, we believe it’s vital to discuss the matter at hand in the most frank and open way possible.

So much of this philosophy comes from our experience. In today’s world of brand-name litigators, there is an ever-widening gulf between those who do and those who talk about doing.

When you bring your matter to Steven M. Garber & Associates, you’ll experience a different perspective on every discussion point. Real-world expertise is more than just a quick turn of the page in a marketing quote book.  It defines actual, in-the-courtroom experience for which there is no substitute.

It’s not uncommon for us to help a new business incorporate and work through their growth cycle well into maturity. In a world where one-time engagements are common, Steven M. Garber & Associates makes it a point to be a vital participant in the lifespan of any business. We specialize in civil litigation, but general business law is how we built our practice, and it’s something we’ll always do. This practical approach to law separates us from our peers, and helps define the essence of who we are as professionals and people.

From the kitchen tables of mom-and-pop operations to the boardrooms of the world’s largest corporations, Steven M. Garber & Associates’ professional philosophy finds itself right at home. Which is why we always begin our conversations with new clients the same way: let us show you how good it can really be.

It’s not a slogan. It’s a business philosophy you can thrive on.



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